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When's the best time to start piano?
Any time, really! It's never to late to start taking piano lessons. However, I do highly recommend younger children to start no earlier than the age of 6. We do involve a small range of number counting and alphabet naming in lessons. 


Can I use a keyboard?
If you just started taking lessons, a keyboard will work just fine! Later down the road, if you feel confident about your commitment to music then you can start thinking about purchasing a piano. An acoustic piano is definitely great to have. But if you are interested in purchasing a digital piano, remember to look into a full-size 88 keys piano with damper pedal and consider having weighted keys. 


May I sit in on my child's piano lesson?

Most definitely!! It's great to know what's going on in the lessons and being able to speak to the teacher in person.  I encourage all my parents to come in at least 5-10 minutes before the end of their child's lesson regularly, if not frequently. Sometimes I may have important information to go home or matters that require parent consultations. 



How much piano practices are required each week?

I recommend students to practice piano 5 to 7 times a week. Because students come for just a 30-minute lesson once a week, it is important for students to review everyday. Parental involvement in music study is the key to success. As a parent, you should try to be aware of what is assigned for homework and set time aside at home to help or keep track of your child's daily practices. Here is a guideline to how much students should practice each day.
                 Beginning to Grade 3                minimum 30 minutes daily
                 Grade 4 to Grade 6                   minumum 45 minutes daily
                 Grade 7 to Grade 9                   minumum 60 minutes daily
                 Grade 10                                   minumum 90 minutes daily



What happens if we arrived early for my child's lesson?

If you arrived early, I have a small waiting area for which you can wait quietly until it is time for your lesson. My studio is open on teaching days 5 minutes before my teaching schedule begins. If you are the first student of the day and have arrived early, please wait patiently in the car until my studio is officially open. 


Should I walk my child in when I drop him/her off for lessons and then come in to pick him/her up after lessons?

Please do! Especially during dark hours! You may drop your child early at my studio. I usually have parents in the waiting area and most of the time I teach with the door open. There are plenty of adult supervision in the building, but there is no one outside to watch for children's safety. 
Where can I park my car when we arrive?

There are lots of parking space by the sidewalk on the street. Please try to keep the drive way clear to avoid blocking the garage door. 

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